Plano Mirrors

SORL manufactures flat mirrors (MPLs) in the following standard circular sizes:

1 inch to 12 inch diameters 

Standard mirrors come in l/10 P-V flatness accuracy @633 nm 

Standard coatings are:Protected aluminum, gold or silver 

Other sizes, shapes, accuracies and coatings are available as a custom order. Delivery is typically 8 - 12 weeks ARO, depending on factory loading. Call, fax or email for exact delivery and prices.



Diameter (in)


Standard Specifications:

l/10 Surface Accuracy
60/40 Scratch/Dig
Substrate: Zero-expansion glass/ ceramic
Protected Aluminum coating

CA 90% of Outer Diameter for mirrors 12" and smaller

15.5" CA for 16" dia mirror; 17.5" CA for 18" dia mirror; 19.5" for 20" dia mirror

MPL-4Q 4
MPL-6Q 6
MPL-8Q 8
MPL-10Q 10
MPL-12Q 12
MPL-16Q 16
MPL-18Q 18
MPL-20Q 20

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Ordering Information Example:

Order Number: MPL-6Q

MPL= Plano
6 = Diameter (inches)