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Exceptional optics are useless unless they are positioned with absolute precision. Therefore, SORL designs and manufactures mounts specifically for use with parabolic (MMOAs) and flat (MMAs) mirrors to optimize the optical performance of optical systems.


MMOA Features

Auxiliary alignment flat positioned perpendicular to parabolic axial direction to ease and speed alignment. 
Non-obscuring custom mirror cell. 
Adjustable optical axis height. 
Orthogonal tip-tilt adjustments. 
Locking adjustments.


Mount Model
(with alignment flat)
Outline Drawing Available
For Download
MMOA-1   *follow the links to download the mount drawings
MMOA-10  10 
MMOA-12  12 
MMOA-14  14 
MMOA-16  16 
MMOA-18  18 
MMOA-20  20 
MMOA-22  22 
MMOA-24  24 
MMOA-26  26 
MMOA-28  28
MMOA-30  30 

MMA Features

Same as to MMOA Series, less alignment flat. 
Will accept off-axis parabolic, spherical and flat mirrors.


Mount Model
(Without alignment flat)


Outline Drawing Available
For Download
MMA-1    *follow the links to download the mount drawings                
MMA-10  10 
MMA-12  12 
MMA-14  14 
MMA-16  16 
MMA-18  18 
MMA-20  20 
MMA-22  22 
MMA-24  24 
MMA-26  26 
MMA-28  28
MMA-30  30 

Clocking Orientation

SORL Mounts identify the clocking orientation of your OAP, which specifies the OAP focus position and dictates location of the Reference Flat. Using the mirror at this correct rotational position will assure optimum wavefront performance. This is the position at which the mirror was fabricated and tested. (See Mirror/Mount Assembly)

NOTE: Please include the clocking orientation on your order. Other orientations are possible, but may impact your final cost. Your SORL representative is always available to assist you with any clocking orientation questions you may have. 

Mounts can generally be delivered concurrent with a mirror if both are ordered at the same time.